Earth Day

Lucky for the Earth, yesterday was Earth Day. Unlucky for me, I was stuck in a car for 8 ½ hours so I was unable to do any Earth Day activities. I am surprised at the amount of people that do take part in Earth Day activities though.Last Thursday my school was giving away different types of trees and each and every one of them was taken. I think it is such a great day for our world, maybe there should be Earth Day’s each quarter throughout the year, and then bi-weekly, then eventually every day thousands or millions of people could participate in making our Earth greener, healthier, and better to live on.

I have to admit, besides going on an Earth Day field-trip where we picked up trash, I have never participated in Earth Day activities. Next year I will make sure to help the Earth out!

Activities I will hope to do next Earth day are:

  • Plant a tree
  • Pick up trash around my community
  • Not drive
  • Keep the lights off all day
  • Don’t use water all day

There are many ways we can both start to be a “greener” person. I do not recycle and I think it may be time to start. Ways we can help the Earth all year long are:

  • Purchase items with less packaging
  • Buy recycled items
  • Buy items that are able to be recycled
  • Keep the lights and water off whenever possible
  • Walk, run, or bike more often- drive less
  • Use hybrid light bulbs
  • Buy only chemical free cleaners

I always seem to get caught up in life, doing things, going places, that I forget to stop and help the Earth by doing something as simple as picking up a piece of litter. Earth Day was a nice reminder that we all could do a little more reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Did you do anything to help the Earth yesterday?


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