I know I said I would write a blog about bullying later this week but something very exciting has just happened. Awareness works! Here’s proof.

Weinstein Company developed a documentary called Bully. This documentary followed the lives of five children throughout the school year who are reallybeing bullied day in and day out. The movie has mature language in the movie and can be as “disturbing” for some. Because of this mature language the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rated the documentary film as “R”.

The Bully Documentary Cover

This instantly raised concern for one 17 year old, Katy Butler, who thought that everyone should be able to see the film to help end bullying. Butler (along with 486,000+ others) believes this movie can help save lives. Even though the movie does in fact possess mature language and disturbing scenes, it is nothing the bullies and/or the victims haven’t heard or seen before-it’s happening to them. The language is part of the story of being bullied. Because an “R” rated film cannot be seen by anyone under 17, Butler decided to start a petition to have the rating of the movie changed.

Butler’s petition online (can still be signed) through Change.org. Today the petition has 486,694 signatures out of the 5000,000 that she is striving for. Here is what you petition for when you sign the petition.

 Butler’s decision to petition the MPAA’s decision went viral and got celebrity attention. Ellen DeGeneres  had this to say about the movie:
“I can tell you that the lessons that the kids learn from this movie are more important than any words that they might hear — and they’re words that they know already anyway.” “You can’t show R rated movies in schools — and that’s exactly where the movie needs to be shown. So, I think it’s important for the movie to be rated PG-13.”

I have to agree. I think this movie will show victims of bullies that they are not alone. I believe it will help enforce more rules in schools about bullying, and hopefully cause fewer children to commit suicide because of being bullied.

       BUT THIS JUST IN!!!!!!
Bully will have no rating! The movie is released to the public on March 30th (this Friday). Movie theaters will have the decision to let people under 17 see the movie or not.

To learn more about bullying and different ways you can help visit Lady Gaga’s FoundationStand Together, American SPEC, or Flip The Script . You may also visit Lady Gaga’s help bullying page where you can donate, tell your story, and involve others.

Please help call your local theaters and make sure they allow anyone to see this movie. Help end bullying, and help save lives.


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