Project 360

We all know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is, but what about his son Patrick Schwarzenegger? Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nick Sheinberg, and Kimberly Barth are the three people who founded Project 360 in 2008 and made its debut in 2009. Project 360 is an apparel and accessories foundation that creates awareness for global issues. Most of the apparel and accessories have inspirational mantras engraved to also help spread the awareness.

The neat thing about Project 360 is it is a celebrity brand that every day citizens can also afford. Project 360 donates the money it receives off of their products and organizes donations to the Alzheimers Association, Eva Longoria Fund, and Team Maria Best Buddies.

Project 360 is a foundation I just learned about, but they have already been on the cover of Glamour & Women’s Wear Daily, in Details, Italian Vogue & People magazines & seen on “THE VIEW,” “ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT,” “ACCESS HOLLYWOOD,” “EXTRA,” “THE ELLEN SHOW,” “MTV” “100 Making A Difference” & much MORE!

If you are interested in supporting these causes while being fashionable, you can start shopping now!

“Project360 apparel and accessories use fashion as a vehicle to generate social awareness of important global issues such as Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer and children in need. The collection features a series of inspirational mantras, each one representing a different worldly cause. Each piece comes with motivational messages, facts and suggestions on how to make a difference. Many products are made with unique and unusual items like recycled leather and scrap materials”.

HELPING your fellow man never goes out of STYLE, be stylish while you help!


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