Invisible Children – Kony2012

Can you imagine making a video 5 days ago and 74,753,840 people already seeing it? To make it more shocking, imagine it to be an awareness video that was 30 minutes long. Do you think this is possible?

In 2003 three filmmakers, Jason, Laren, and Bobby, went to Africa in search of a story to film about. What they found was much more than a possible film, it was a chance to change the world. Their non-profit group, Invisible Children, made this viral video a reality. The Kony 2012 video is record breaking, and has become the most viral video to date. The purpose? To make one man famous.

Joseph Kony is listed as the world’s worst war criminal. He is a Ugandan LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) rebel leader who abducts young children from their homes and trains them to become rebels. He started to abduct children because he did not have enough people that were willing to fight for him, the children have no choice. The children are either used as weapons or as wives for his officers. Kony has an army of 30,000 young children that are out for the kill. Kony makes these young children kill civilians, including their own parents. He terrifies the children and families so much that they have all gathered in one location to sleep at night hoping this will keep Kony away. The worse part about this war on civilians? This war on civilians has been going on for 26 years!

Joseph Kony

*The LRA is no longer in Northern Uganda where it first started, but the LRA is still spreading to other regions.*

Invisible Children is a non-profit organization whose mission is to stop this war. For the past nine years Invisible Children has been trying to end Kony’s war. “Currently the U.S. has military advisers in central Africa on a time-limited mission to stop Kony and disarm the LRA. If Kony is not captured this year, the window will be gone.” To help spread awareness Invisible Children made this video:


The purpose of this video is to make Kony famous. If everyone knows about Kony and we all support the arrest of Kony, our government will continue to stay in Uganda in hopes of arresting Joseph Kony. This arrest must happen in 2012 though.

This blog is a quick overview of the Kony war. I strongly encourage you to watch the 30 minute video if you have not yet because it is something everyone should be aware of.

On April 20th Invisible Children has a mission to “cover the night”. This event is happening in cities and towns across the country. The purpose is to have Kony’s picture everywhere when people wake up the next day. You can purchase a Kony Kit (includes posters, facts, two bracelets, etc.) or you can download the posters for free. I encourage you to partake in this historical movement.

Ways you can help

Sign the pledge now (you will be asked for your email address and zip code)
Contact culture makers or policy makers directly
Donate to Invisible Children/Kony 2012
Buy the Kony Kit
Spread the word about Kony (sharing the video is a great way to do this)
Download the free posters

To learn more about Kony2012, or invisible children you can click on the images in my side bar, call 1-619-562-2799, visit, email, or visit

I hope this blog post has made you realize that ONE person really can make a difference to the world.



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