Fight Stalking with Jodi’s Voice

Approximately 3.4 million Americans each year report being stalked by someone. Stalking is a crime that is not taken very seriously- even in law. Stalking can consist of many variations of activities that can be considered non-crime or crime. Some activities that are considered to be stalking are: phone calls, emails, text messages, being physically followed, having personal property violated, etc.

Anyone can be a stalker, and anyone can become a victim of stalking. Stalking can even occur online, can happen to men and woman, any age, so it is important to keep your personal information off of websites like Facebook and Myspace. In 2007, 1 in 4 stalking cases occurred online. It is important to let your family and law enforcement know of the stalking that is occurring. Try not to let too many friends know about the situation because 3 in 4 victims know their stockers personally. Stalkers often times have dated their victim or casually known their victim. In this case the stalkers perceive the relationship to the victim more than it really was. Sometimes though, the stalker is a complete stranger.

There is a difference between ‘playing a joke’, ‘prank calling’, and stalking. Stalking is not a joke and is a crime. Stalking is a serious thing that truly affects the victim. The victims often feel afraid, threatened, isolated, not in control, depressed, often times change their entire lives, and in the worse case possible- deceased .

Many stalking incidents could have been avoided if the victim and others were knowledgeable about what was going on. Awareness and support are key to stop stalking. To help spread awareness Angela Daffron started the Jodi’s Voice Foundation.

Jodi’s Voice Foundation was started because 19 year old, Jodi Sanderholm was killed by her stalker. “Jodi Sanderholm was one of four valedictorians in her graduating class. While in high school, Jodi was a member of the National Honor Society, a Kansas State Scholar, a Kansas Board of Regents Scholar and earned the Outstanding Physics Student of the Year Award presented by David Stinemetze. She was a member of the Ark City High School Dance Team for four years. Two of those four years she was the captain. Jodi was a member/instructor of Ark City Dance and a Universal Dance Association Instructor. After high school, she attended Cowley College where she studied pre-pharmacy. While at Cowley, she was a member of the Cowley Tigerette Danceline”.

Jodi went missing during the day on January 5, 2007, but within hours police had her murderer, rapist, and stalker in custody. “Jodi left her dance practice, called her mother to cancel a planned lunch, and disappeared”. Jodi’s killer was later sentenced to be executed by the State of Kansas. 



To learn more about Jodi’s Voice please visit the Jodi’s Voice icon on my sidebar, or visit Jodi’s Voice.

Spread the awareness-end stalking.


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  1. Thanks for helping us spread awareness!

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