Kyle Needs You

My mission for this blog post is to have as many people as possible see it. When I heard Kyle’s story I had to help, just looking at his pictures and seeing how happy he is knowing his life may soon end makes me want to do everything possible for this little boy I have never met. I hope you fall in love with this adorable child like I have. Please do anything you can to save his life.

Meet Kyle
Kyle is a four year old boy who loves being with his family, being around animals, and being outdoors.


Kyle is just like every other four year old boy, but Kyle is sick and desperately needs your help. Kyle has aplastic anemia and has six months to live if he does not receive a bone marrow transplant.


*Kyle and his baby sister* 

Kyle is a very special boy whose needs are also unique. Kyle is half-Chinese/Asian, half-Caucasian which means his bone marrow donor will most likely also need to be a half-Chinese/Asian, half-Caucasian. This is especially hard for Kyle because of the 9 million donors, less than 3% of all registered bone marrow donors are of any mixed race at all. If you are part Asian, part Caucasian, or know somebody who is, you may be the hero that can save Kyle’s life. With the odds of finding a match for Kyle, it is estimated that 40 million people need to be reached about Kyle’s story. Please help spread the word.

Aplastic Anemia
Aplastic anemia is a rare blood disorder where the patient’s bone marrow does not produce enough blood cells. Kyle has a very stubborn case of aplastic anemia, and his bone marrow is not producing any blood cells at all. This is why his window to live without a bone marrow transplant is only 6 months.

How You Can Help Kyle
If you are part Asian, part Caucasian, you can register to be a marrow donor through the Asian American Donor Program, here.
*     You can help spread the word about sweet Kyle through any social network.
*     You can donate to Kyle’s foundation (This donation will help Kyle’s family with medical bills).
*     You can register to become a bone marrow donor (if you are of any race, or biracial) at DKMS Americas.
*      Print off a flyer to post around your community.

If you would like to learn more about donating bone marrow, the process, the over- exaggerated pain I’m sure you’ve heard about, the benefits, learning about how it is free, etc. please visit my blog post about donating bone marrow. I think my bone marrow blog post should answer any questions you may have.

Kyle needs you now, today was one less day of life this little boy may have. Every four year old child should be able to run around with a free spirit, please keep Kyle alive.

Kyle loves fish, sharks, and whales, so a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium was the perfect trip for this amateur marine biologist. You could be the one to give Kyle a lifetime of ocean adventures like this, but next time he won’t need a bandage on his arm.


Help us find a match for Kyle
I am asking that you spread Kyle’s story anywhere you can think of – Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media page. Tell your family, your friends, or your co-workers.

Kyle deserves to live, and deserves to have someone save his life. Please help share this little boy’s desperate need.

Getting tested to see if you’re a bone marrow match is as simple as swabbing your check.


Kyle’s Team
I asked a member of Kyle’s team to share something with you guys, this is what Joel Muratalla had to say about Kyle.

“ We know that Kyle’s match is out there. Ten years ago, finding a match for Kyle would have been extremely difficult, but as social media has connected our world more than ever before, our chances of finding a part Asian, part Caucasian donor to help save Kyle’s life are better than ever. Even if you don’t know a potential match, someone you know might. That’s why it is extremely important to spread the word to all your friends, colleagues, and family members. Thank you for helping in the mission to save Kyle.”

Kyle at his 4th Birthday party, please make sure he is able to celebrate his 5th.


You can visit Kyle on the following pages:


3 thoughts on “Kyle Needs You

  1. Erin Cotton says:

    Did you find out anything more about if I would be able to donate bone marrow even though I have low back problems.

  2. taryngmz says:

    I did it! I registered online! So as soon as I get the swab kit I’ll finally be officially in the donor registry! 😀

    • reneehaynie says:

      Awesome, thank you for registering and thank you for following my blog. I hope you get to save a life! Let me know if you have any questions and PLEASE let me know if you are a match.


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