Sole Hope- A Pair of Shoes Can Change a Life

Ever thought you could make a shoe that would change a life? Now is your chance to show your shoe-makin’ talents!

Sole Hope is a non-profit organization that needs your help. Sole Hope’s mission is to:

offer HOPE to widows, orphans and others within impoverished and forgotten communities around the world by teaching the simple trade of shoemaking which provides jobs and shoes to those in need”.

Sole Hope hires widows and others in Africa to sew shoes. Sole Hope teaches their workers the skills in basic shoe making. These jobs help the widows with monetary problems because they are left without means of survival. These jobs also help prevent jiggers in children. Jiggers (small sand fleas) are parasites that lay eggs in children’s bare feet. These eggs cause sores, infection, and sometimes even amputation. Sole Hope happily gives the closed-toe shoes to children to prevent disease and jiggers. Jiggers are often common in elderly people as well. When a child/elder has jiggers they are unable to walk or work. “Isolation is also a problem and this leads to low self-esteem”.

This video shows a faith group removing jiggers from people in Africa. *Content is graphic*

If you think that video is as horrible as I do, you probably want to know how you can help.   

There are five ways you can get involved:

1)      Make a donation. You can choose to make a selfless onetime donation of $10.00 or a monthly donation. Donating just $10.00 allows for these children to receive a pair of shoes that they desperately need. $10.00 is all it takes to save one of these children.  Donate now. With your donation more children can wear shoes- the more children that wear shoes means more children that can run and play. Something a child should never be restricted on.

2)      Host a shoe cutting party. You can host a party in your home. Sole Hope will send you the materials you will need to host the party. A shoe cutting party is where a group of your friends take the selfless act of cutting out shoe uppers that will be taken to Africa, and sewn by Sole Hope’s shoemakers. If you would like to order a shoe party packet click Here.

3)      Go on a Trip. How awesome is this! You can tag along with Sole Hope to see Zambia or Uganda Africa. If you are interested in this amazing opportunity email Sole Hope at:

4)      Intern in Africa or in the USA. Sole Hope’s internships are unpaid, but college credit is available. You may intern in Asheville, NC or in Zambia or Uganda, Africa. If you are interested in an internship of a lifetime visit US internships and Africa Internships.

5)      Purchase. You may purchase shoes, clothing, party packets, or jewelry Here. If you choose to buy a pair of shoes you support the funding for providing jobs to the workers for Sole Hope in Africa and the USA.

Sole Hope gives jobs, shoes, and also educates the people in these impoverished communities about the importance of wearing shoes and keeping their feet healthy. Sole Hope’s shoemakers have a fair wage and are able to make a difference with their 100% handmade shoes. Sole Hope also helps the environment because the shoes are made from 96% recycled parts.

About Sole Hope

There are millions of precious children in Africa right now, becoming infested because of a simple problem. Sole Hope is solving that problem, one pair of shoes at a time.

You can find more information about Sole Hope by clicking the ‘Sole Hope’ image on my sidebar. You can also visit

    Go on now, show your awesome talent, cut on the dotted lines and make a shoe!


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