The Future of My Blog

My very first blog. Well, here I go.

 After hours and hours of debating, I have decided on the topic of ‘helping others’. I have always been someone who enjoys seeing others happy. I think the greatest thing in the world is a happy person and I am interested in making sure people are happy. The best thing about making people happy is it’s easy and it benefits you too!

 My blog will serve as a guide about the many ways that you can help yourself by helping others. I will take you along on my own adventures of helping others, and I hope to inspire you to help as many people as you can, as often as you can. I will give you every piece of advice that you will need to help others. I will talk about events in the community, and other ways you can volunteer your time. During the next few months I plan to help a lot of people. Some of the ways I want to help others – I have never done before, so maybe it will be a first for both of us.

 I get a very satisfied feeling when I know I have saved a life, helped a life, and supported a life. This is why I have decided to name my blog “Help Yourself by Helping Others”. When you help others you become a better person. My blog should add value to your life if you choose to read it. I encourage you to follow my blog because I truly believe it will help you become a better person. This blog is real, sincere, and needs you to be able to succeed. It is so easy to help others or save a life-like really, you can save someone’s life by reading my blog. I think that is amazing, and I hope each of my followers enjoy the ride.

Please subscribe to my blog.


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